Is there something special about the Prius Prime?

Solar roof panels on the forthcoming 2023 Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid vehicle aid in battery recharging when the car is parked.

The Prius is the best-known hybrid vehicle, and its solar panels also power auxiliary items like the temperature control and on-board entertainment systems.

 The FWD Le vehicle's overall economy has increased with this generation, moving from 52 mpg combined for

the previous model to 57 mpg combined. Compared to the previous model's 25 miles, 

 the new Toyota Prius Prime's 38 miles of electric range is an improvement.

 These numbers enable the new Prius to maintain its lead in the hybrid market for fuel efficiency.

The Toyota Prius of 2023 is not the joke that its predecessors were. This brand-new hybrid is appealing,