iSeeCars’ criteria for the best cars for driving in snow

If you reside in a cold area, you are aware of the need of having a dependable vehicle for travelling in the winter. 

But it might be challenging to decide which car is best with so many options. The Subaru Impreza is rated as the top compact

vehicle for winter driving in a recent roundup. Here's why iSeeCars suggests this particular model. iSeeCars looked at a number of variables to

 to discover which little vehicles are the most suitable for driving in the snow. These models, for instance, received a score of 7.5 or 

better out of 10. Additionally, iSeeCars considered vehicles with the greatest average safety 

ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, long-term dependability, 

and value retention (NHTSA). These cars also have all-wheel or four-wheel drive and snow-related safety measures.