Kia EV6 GT 0-60 MPH, 1/4-Mile Tested: Beating Up on the Tesla Model 3 and Y Performance?

When something comes to the electricity of its fleet, Ford is going to surpass all other American automakers in ambition.

Ford Blue, which produces conventional gas-powered automobiles, and Model E, 

which produces electric cars, have already been divided into separate entities. Ford Blue has committed $50 billion in total to EV

 production objectives by 2030. Other aspects of Ford's electrification triumph include the Mustang Mach-victory E's over Tesla's Model 3 as 

the magazine's top selection, and the company's requirement that dealers prevent buyers from reselling

 the F-150 Lightning for a year after purchase. Ford's first electric pickup truck saw tremendous presale success,

demonstrating that its commercial success hasn't been predicted.