Kia Telluride Is Our 3-Row Midsize SUV Best Buy of 2023

The romance fiesta continues. There has never been another winner of this category since the Kia Telluride debuted in 2020. So, for the fourth year in a row, Telluride reigns supreme.

With good cause. The 2023 Telluride excels at all of the chores expected in a three-row midsize SUV. However, after all of the usual features are considered, the cost is really fair.

We're certainly not the only Telluride Appreciation Society members. Kia must offer every model it produces, and demand keeps resale values towards the top of our midsize 3-row SUV rankings. 

We everyone seems to know a good product when we see it.Two brand-new Telluride versions for 2023, the X-Line and X-Pro, both ride on the wilder edge of midsize family SUVs.

 They both offer relatively higher ground clearance than the rest of the series and come standard with all-wheel drive, including Snow and AWD Lock modes for icy terrain. 

The 20-inch wheels and tyres on the X-Line provide downhill brake control. In addition to having distinctive styling cues and colours,

But it won't be long until people realise the absurd value that this