Kia Telluride is the obvious Pilot alternative

The bogeyman is the Kia Telluride.

For a number of the same reasons the Pilot is in demand,

 it has garnered a tonne of accolades

The Telluride is almost the same size,

with comparable interior customization options

comparable driver assistance features

and brand-new appearance for 2023. On the other hand

 the Kia Telluride begins at around $36,000

which provides plenty of flexibility for choices like one of its special edition trims.

It boasts a 291-horsepower V6 and an additional $2,000 all-wheel drive option.

An improved EX version with the off-road X-Line option

which includes customised seats and decor, tyres, 

a little suspension raise, and downhill braking control, costs roughly $45,000. Its SX trim,