Kia Wins The Most 2023 J.D. Power Residual Value Model Awards

Even the management of J.D. Power praised Kia's performance. Eric Lyman, vice president of J.D. Power's ALG division, stated:  

"Kia's success this year says volumes about how far the brand has gone." The market is realising how excellent Kia's product selection is in

terms of design, reliability, and residual values. Kia has established itself as a major player.

That seems to be undoubtedly a high compliment, and I believe it portends well for Kia's expansion in    

the American market. It may be important to note that just 2 of the 5 models for which Kia received awards—the Telluride and

the Sportage—are really selling better this year than they did last. Other 

than possibly the awards trail, that could not matter very much.