Major Tesla Model 3 redesign to aim for drastic cost cuts in 2023

Thus, the brand-new Model 3 from 2023 may serve as a test run for the transition to a Model 2 for the mass market that is inexpensive, possibly

 the most crucial Tesla vehicle to get right in the near future. Elon Musk stated last month that a smaller, 

 less expensive Model 2 will slash manufacturing costs in half compared to the Model 3. The speculated redesign of the more expensive sister may be utilised as 

a testbed for what may be trimmed in order to achieve a Model 2 pricing below US$30,000.

 According to industry experts queried on the subject, production of the less expensive Model 3 will begin in

 the July quarter of 2019 and Tesla will split its manufacture between 

the foundation for the updated Model 3's design.