Mazda CX-90 SUV Price for 2024 Moves Into the Premium Range

The Mazda CX-90's manufacturer recommended retail price has been revised,

and it seems that the three-row SUV will take the automaker into uncharted territory.

The automaker is finally prepared to demonstrate to the world that it wants to 

compete in the highly sought-after premium market after months of dropping hints

about its new sport utility vehicle (SUV), its inline-six engine, and its plug-in hybrid 

electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain. This PHEV is powered by the automaker's most potent 

PHEV powertrain yet. We suspected this to be the case when we first saw the product at 

of traffic: one coming from the left and one coming from the right. Teslas have become adept at doing this manoeuvre after first finding it difficult.