Mercedes-AMG GT2 Race Car Breaks Cover With 707 Horsepower

While AMG is still working on the first model, spy photos have showed Mercedes is putting the final adjustments on the second-generation GT Coupe.  

The GT2, Affalterbach's most powerful homologated customer race vehicle to date, joins the GT3 and GT4 models in the lineup.

The newcomer fills the gap left by the two current track-only vehicles and is targeted at "gentlemen drivers."

The twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 with a flat crankshaft is the AMG GT2's standout engine.

 This indicates that the engine is related to the one found in the Black Series road vehicle. 

It has now been adjusted to provide a strong 707 horsepower in

can't know what their performance is. before till today.