Need Range? Here's How To Get the Most Out Of Your F-150 Lightning In The Winter

Electric vehicles really don't travel as far on a single charge in chilly climates as they can in warm climates. The Ford F-150 Lightning is no

different, but just like with all EVs, there are strategies to prevent range loss over the winter. Ford recently released its winter driving advice

for F-150 Lightning customers, and in the video above, we went a step further. I'll go through Ford's suggestions and speak with Jeff 

Head, an F-150 Lightning owner who lives and travels in the cold tundra of Anchorage, Alaska, in addition to Darren Palmer, Ford's

vice president of electric vehicle initiatives. I have some expertise with this subject as I've been driving electric cars for the previous 

thirteen winters in the Northeast. It's vital to realise that in some extreme circumstances, your range may be limited by up to 33% to

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