New Borla 'Exhaust' Can Make Your Ford Mach E Sound Like a GT500

There is a solution if your main criticism of electric vehicles is that they are too silent. Alternatively, if you own a Ford Mustang Mach E, there is a remedy. 

The answer is speakers that give the Mach E the impression of having a V8. And contrary to what you might anticipate,

 this "exhaust" actually sounds like they did a better job pulling it off. Borla, the company behind the invention, refers to their brand-new system as

 "Active Performance Sound" and claims that the "exhaust sounds" were captured from the real performance automobiles they are meant to emulate. 

 The idle, ramps to redline, cruising, throttle lifts, "burbles & pops," and

 other ICE aural features are all captured by many microphones. 

Using data from the EV's onboard computer in real-time,