Off-road Toyota Sienna specs

With regard to the unique off-road vehicle, the Sienna body is set on top of the Tacoma frame. 

Toyota then equipped their vehicles with running boards and fender flares for off-road driving.

To tackle any terrain, the wheels have a travel distance of more than a foot. Tall off-road tyres are also fitted, and the chassis is raised to 

a ride height higher than the Sienna's basic suspension. The front bumper is made to military standards and has a heavy-duty front winch, smoke, and auxiliary lighting.

The Off-road Sienna, , has a tonne of technological features. There is also a night vision video system, a 60-inch Sony LED TV,  

WiFi, a 2,500-watt JBL music system, and a 17-inch monitor. Captain's chairs are located at the front of the cabin, and

the back seats have laptop trays.