One of the Most Reliable Toyota Models Is Hiding in Plain Sight

The King of dependability is Toyota. For many years, the company's reputation has been dominated by this particular feature of their automobiles.

 Toyota specialises in reliability. This reputation contributed to Toyota pickup vehicles like the Tundra and Tacoma's enormous appeal. 

But since 2015, sales of one of Toyota's most dependable vehicles have been decreasing each year. How come? 

 Why isn't the Toyota Sienna selling? Consumer Reports anticipates another potent model based on the Siennas from the preceding ten years. Every Sienna produced after 2021 is a hybrid, 

averaging 36 mpg combined, and producing 245 horsepower when

the 2.5-liter four-cylinder and electric motor are combined. 

It also provides an AWD variant with a lift to increase ground clearance, as if that weren't awesome enough already.