Owing to a fire risk, Ram is recalling about 341,000 diesel pickups.

Ram decided to start a recall in November 2022 for 248,342 Heavy Duty vehicles in the US 

that were fitted with a Cummins diesel engine that might possibly catch fire. If this were to 

happen, heat and pressure in the gearbox would probably increase, causing the automatic

transmission oil to leak out of the dipstick tube, which ultimately may result in a fire.

Ram's Heavy Duty trucks underwent many modifications for the 2023 model year in order to enhance their functioning. An enhanced camera

system that offers views of the region behind the trailer and the blind zone is available on both the 2500 and the 3500. A 12-inch

digital instrument cluster with this trim level's display was added. A computerised rearview mirror that works with the side camera is one of

at the 39-second mark. I have no idea whether this is the car's roof. Later, as the car proceeds down the assembly line, more robot arms can be seen working on it.