Pass on the Volkswagen Tiguan S and SE R-Line Black

For the ordinary driver, the Volkswagen Tiguan S is too basic. It lacks enough basic features to draw customers in the same manner that the SE trim does.

The SE offers more opulent features for a reasonable price, so skip the 2023 Volkwagen Tiguan S.

Decent benchmark equipment are included with the VW Tiguan SE R-Line Black,

but it is much more pricey than other trim levels. The base price of the 2023 VW Tiguan SE R-Line Black is $33,210.

The cost of the Tiguan SE R-Line Black after taxes and fees might be closer to or higher than $35,000.

The market for compact SUVs is competitive, and there are several excellent models available for

around $35,000 that provide fantastic value. If you were to purchase a Tiguan for that kind of money,