Ram confirms the name of its electric pickup truck in production.

The Ram 1500 Revolution electric pickup will be referred to as the Ram 1500 REV when it enters production. 

 Early in January, in association with the Consumer Electronics Show, this name was made public (CES).

The statement supports the information we first published about the automobile.

Ram didn't just put "EV" or "Electric" to the 1500 and call it a day with this one, so even if it 

isn't the most thrilling option—we would have chosen the Ram Charger—and is nothing like as wonderful as

Lightning or Cybertruck. Yet in order to entice consumers, the REV will rely on a lot more than simply its

name. Ram's car hopes to differentiate itself from the competition with a more sporty and streamlined

of traffic: one coming from the left and one coming from the right. Teslas have become adept at doing this manoeuvre after first finding it difficult.