Retrofit upgrade can cut Porsche Taycan home charging times in half

Porsche has released a new onboard charger for the Taycan that may cut home charging times in half.

The onboard charger of the Taycan,

 located between the cabin and the front trunk,

can be changed with the AC 19.2-kw unit

You'll need a compatible Level 2 AC charger (240 volts)

with a dedicated 100 amps at home

Porsche also sells its own device, the Wall Charger Connect.

The new charger, according to Porsche, 

decreases the time required to completely charge the Taycan's 79.2-kwh

Performance Battery from 9.5 hours to about 4.8 hours

 Owners of the 93.4-kwh Performance Battery Plus will expect 5.3 hours of runtime,

output increases from the GR Yaris' 268 horsepower to 300 hp in this application.