Review Agrees The BYD Seal Should Have Tesla Model 3 Worried

BYD surpassed Tesla in EV sales in China this year, and with the release of its new Seal electric car, 

which really is $700 cheaper than the dual-motor Performance, which here in Australia begins at $96,700 (before on-roads)

 it is now aggressively targeting the Model 3

The Seal, which will be marketed as the Atto 4 in some areas outside of China

 has nice looks, competitive tech, and solid specifications too. If it's as good as they claim in this new review

then it may be a smash outside of the People's Republic despite its rather odd and uninspired name.

The BYD Seal is expected to be sold in a number of European, Australian,

and Latin American countries in addition to the Middle East. The Seal has already received favourable reviews from China

, which sets it apart from other BYD models.