Rivian and Mercedes Put Electric Van Joint Venture on Hold

A memorandum of understanding between Rivian and Mercedes-Benz Vans was signed in order to establish a new joint venture for the production of electric vans.

A new plant in Europe that will build two new electric vehicles will be created as a result of the joint venture.

One will ride on the second generation of the Rivian Light Van platform, while the other will be built on the Mercedes VAN.EA platform.

In order to develop a 100,000-unit fleet of its absurd-looking EDV (Electric Delivery Vans) by 2030, EV company Rivian is already collaborating with Amazon. However, 

the California-based manufacturer is now prepared to strike another cooperation. Today, Mercedes-Benz Vans and Rivian stated that they had signed

 a memorandum of understanding to start a "strategic relationship" that, if everything goes 

well with regulatory procedures, will result in the two firms working together.