Sales dipped mid-year for the redesigned Nissan Frontier

According to the examination of sales data by Good Car Bad Car, more than 7,000 units 

were sold in January, February, and April. 8,066 Nissan Frontiers were produced in March, 

which was the greatest month for sales. However, such numbers couldn't last the entire year.

Nissan Frontier sales fell below 5,000 units by July, and now it appears that they never 

recovered. In July, August, and September, Nissan sold 4,340, 4,507, and 4,340 Frontiers, 

respectively. Even if those numbers showed month-to-month growth in 2021, it's indeed 

States in April by TFL Truck. It fared better than vehicles like the Ford Ranger, Chevy Colorado, and GMC Canyon.