Science Says You Should Get Yellow Off-Road Driving Lights

Dr. Bullough was asked to explain the following by Klein:

 But Dr. Bullough said, "The influence of different wavelengths 

(colours) of light on scatter by water droplets in fog or rain (or from snow)

 is minimal since even for fog, the size of the particles is far bigger than the wavelength of the light

Short wavelengths (violet and blue) scatter more than longer wavelengths so when particle size is similar to the wavelength

(like air molecule molecules) (yellow and red).

Because shorter wavelength light is dispersed more than longer wavelength light

 the sky is blue; yet, clouds, which become composed of bigger particles,

 are not.(which resemble fog more) seem to be white although all wavelengths are evenly dispersed

.This science claims that yellow lights are ineffective.

But wait, didn't we just say that yellow lights are the greatest according to science

They are, and here is the why: Our biology, not physics, is to blame.