Several 2022 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks suffered a turbocharger malfunction

Many new Toyota Tundra owners complained that their vehicles 

had a major mechanical problem within a short period of time

 Owner of the Tundra David Nguyen said, "Engine light went

on and I could not really accelerate," according to Torque News.

It may have entered limp mode. Owners of Tundra pickups were informed that they 

for some reason, the truck turns off when you get out. The 

truck will thus switch off if you forget anything and hurry back 

inside or get out to grab something from the rear seat. Therefore,

you must restart it in order to turn on the heaters and deicers.

It might be a bit frustrating to utilise the infotainment

system. Completely erases stored settings and resets often.

While manufacturers including Ford, Kia, and Honda enhanced