Should Hyundai Build an SUV Version of the Santa Cruz Pickup?

The Hyundai Santa Cruz is built on the N3 platform

 which is also the basis for a number of other cars

 including the Sonata and Staria, Tucson, Kia Carnival, and Sorento, to mention a few.

Because they already have the Tucson for that purpose

it wouldn't really make sense for Hyundai to try their luck with a brand-new small crossover.

If they did, it would ultimately cannibalise it and its cousin

the Sportage from Kia, and no one wants that—well,

at least not anybody who isn't a senior executive at the Korean automaker

Now, although an SUV version of the Santa Cruz—make that a crossover instead

would make absolutely no sense in The actual world has lately been shown by kelsonik on Instagram 

using a "Shadow Line" technique. As a result,

 in addition to the newly designed back end

which has a huge trunk and three-quarter windows, it also includes other things.