Stay within the brand and checkout the Kia Seltos

You really have a second subcompact SUV to select from if you just must own a Kia, in addition to the Soul.

A 2.0L engine powers the Seltos, producing 146 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque.

For passengers, there are 53.2 cu ft in the front and 46.4 cu ft in the back. There are 99.6 cu ft in total.   

There is 26.6 cu ft of cargo space available, and 62.8 cu ft when the passenger seats are flat.

The MSRP is somewhat more costly than the Soul, starting at $23,140.

The Soul has one more horsepower than that of the Seltos in comparison.

Additionally, the Soul has 21.3 more cubic feet than the Seltos.