Subaru Ascent is an unlikely Honda pilot alternative

The Subaru Ascent, the company's first three-row SUV,

stands out because to its affordable ($33,895) base pricing (for the sector). 

and for about $40,000 you can get an improved XLT model

The Subie has all-wheel drive as standard

 unlike the other vehicles on our list

 and its wagon-like dimensions are advantageous in parking lots.

It features three inches more useable legroom in the rear than the Highlander,

at 32, and it can accommodate seven or eight passengers

With a 260-horsepower engine, it has slightly less power than the others, and its cargo hold isn't quite as large.

However, the Subaru may be quite well-equipped for our $45,000 price objective

 it is getting a little antiquated

because it hasn't been updated since 2019.

Starting at $41,595, the Limited trim is the sole choice.