Tesla Hearse 3 Is The Perfect Ride For A Green Funeral

It's certainly not surprising that a Dutch business named Derks Uitvaartmobiliteit chose the Tesla Model 3 for their most recent project

because the thrilling but every now and then eerie world of hearse conversions will undoubtedly encounter the growing popularity of EVs 

in a few months after completing testing for roughly a year and a half. The dual-motor all-wheel drive technology will 

at some point. In European markets, the Tesla Hearse 3, as it is known, is available for purchase. It has a stretched body, a posh lighting 

room for the coffin, and useful storage compartments, and it has a range of up to 375 km (233 miles) without emitting any 

emissions.The job needed significant trimming and a substantial expansion on the wheelbase, like with most hearse conversions.

the little Tesla outperforms a number of well-known competitors.