Tesla Model 3 Performance Vs. Rivian R1T — Odd But Fun Drag Race

Due to a variety of considerations, including size, weight-to-power ratio, and software optimization by Tesla

the Tesla Model 3 Performance emerged as the undisputed champion in this drag racing battle

We eagerly anticipate the day when Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning, Tesla's Cybertruck's real rivals

compete against one another on a drag strip

The 0-60 mph acceleration numbers for the Dual and Quad-Motor models are not separately provided by Rivian. In this video,

 the Tesla Model 3 Performance was raced with the Rivian R1T Quad Motor, hence we are estimating the time to be 3.0 seconds.

The R1T, despite several efforts in various settings (including Sport Mode)

was unable to outrun the Model 3 Performance off the line.