Tesla Shipping Model S And X To Europe Amid Huge Delivery Push

Tesla is reportedly sending a flood of Model S and Model X vehicles overseas before the year is through. 

We recently reported that the company delivered its first Model X Plaid in Europe. 

This makes sense given that Tesla is attempting to reach its delivery estimate, but learning about Model X and Model S deliveries

particularly outside of the US so late in the quarter, is still a little shocking.

We just don't hear much about the Tesla flagships these days,

 Since a Reuters exclusive revealed the corporation was creating a "revamped" Model 3 under the project codename "Highland," rumours have been swirling

despite the abundance of Model S and Model X Plaid eye candy online, especially films about drag races and lap records.

Reducing the amount of parts and complexity in the Model 3's interior

The updated cars are incredibly pricey, and Tesla's Model Y and Model 3 have significantly outperformed them.