Tested: 2023 Chevrolet Traverse RS Is a Not-So-Sporty Family Bus

An old Plymouth Satellite station waggon with wood sides, slotted mag wheels, a glasspack muffler, 

and a full-width rear mudflap belonged to a family that lived on our neighbourhood. It turns out that their extra-sporty Satellite was just ahead of its time, 

 even if such layout was rare for a family hauler at the time. The sport-trim version of a three-row SUV, such as the Chevrolet Traverse RS, 

 is a common method for modern parents to demonstrate to

the world that they are still hip even with three children.Chevrolet has fully embraced this fad. 

Its family-size crossover may be made sportier in addition to the RS with a Midnight Edition, 

Sport Edition, or Redline Edition package.