The 10.4-Liter Chevy Crate Engine In The COPO Camaro Is Simply Insane

The most recent COPO build from General Motors could be of interest to you if you spend a lot of time looking for components

and pining over powerful engines. It features the biggest V8 engine Chevrolet has ever installed in a vehicle, while not

being street legal. The 10.4L naturally-aspirated behemoth is also the biggest factory-built crate engine to ever be produced in the US.

Huge claims There is, however, more. The 10.4L ZZ632 engine was created by Chevrolet 

Performance, who really put their best foot forward. The 632 in its name, of course, refers 

to the displacement in cubic inches. Wait till you hear the power output—1,004 raw 

and value retention (NHTSA). These cars also have all-wheel or four-wheel drive and snow-related safety measures.