The 1964 Dodge Dart GT Is A Perfectly-Rounded Compact

The Dodge Dart's sales numbers demonstrated its immediate success; not only did it outsell its competitors, but it also outsold itself as time went on. 

The Dodge Dart sold over 200,000 units in 1964, breaking the previous record of 154,000 units sold in 1963.

 This achievement was undoubtedly helped by the mid-year release of the new V8, which was responsible for around 13,000 of the '64 GTs.

Even while the power bump was unquestionably an improvement, the 1964 Dodge Dart GT was already

 a charming compact before the V8 was introduced. Why? 

 Because of its rear-wheel-drive configuration and evenly distributed weight, 

 it was quite simply one of the greatest driving cars on the market.