The 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III In Perspective: Specs, Stats, And Looks

It is indeed time to speak about specifics now that you are

more knowledgeable with Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III 

predecessors before 1965. The third iteration of this distinctive

sports automobile debuted in 1964 and was offered for two

years before being superseded by the Mark IV. Only a few minor

trim improvements separated the Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III from the Mk II.

For instance, the identical 1098-cc engine was installed 

in the 1964 and 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite Mk III, 

although the latter had a stronger block casting and bigger 

crankshaft main bearings. The Mk III produced 

59 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque because of an 

increase in power, although a little one.