The 1968 Dodge Charger Restomod Hellephant Crate Engine Project

The car's carbon fibre tub structure, which makes it extremely light, stiff, and more like a Ferrari supercar

than a muscle car, is one of its most remarkable features.The dials, switches, and other bespoke

pieces of its interior are made using 3D printing, and the engine bay is also simplified so that the Hellephant engine can be seen 

uncluttered and free of cables and wires.SpeedKore went to great lengths to build the automobile to Ralph's specifications, which 

required that it seem low, tidy, and almost like a moving picture. This Stellantis designer

favourite, which is inspired on symbols from movies and culture, required a lot of labour, sweat, tears,

Nurburgring, it's a clear display of strength from an arm that has produced some hits over the years.