The 2013 Rogue is available in three trims

S: The entry-level model of this SUV is the Nissan Rogue S. It 

has keyless entry, 16-inch wheels, and cloth seats. Despite the fact that

there are various alternatives, it is generally rather simple.

The SUV in the middle of the pack is the Rogue SV.

Fog lights and bigger wheels help with visibility. A somewhat larger

infotainment system is also included, however it only 

measures 4.3 inches. This, when compared to modern automobiles,

is rather modest. SL: This Nissan Rogue is the highest model. It has all the features

you would anticipate from a car of its period, including a 360-degree 

aware of the possible issues, you may continue to watch for cautionary indications. In general, you can find a used Rogue for $8k to $15k,