The 2023 Cadillac Escalade-V Is A Muscle Car Trapped In An SUV Body

All vehicles would have a supercharger, 800 horsepower, and a tonne of torque in an ideal world. However, 

since we don't reside in one of those, automobiles would become monotonous and uninteresting. A vehicle 

must have some difference in order to be unique. More power, seats, or torque off the line, perhaps. In this way, 

 it distinguishes itself from other vehicles and makes you stand out. A Cadillac Escalade-V appears. 

strong statement at a time when almost all automakers, including Cadillac, appear to be eschewing powerful 

engines in favour of electrification and mammoth batteries. EVs are nice,

been the factory stock class champion in the NHRA. Given that the Camaro is a fantastic vehicle and the ZZ632 is far more potent, we won't be shocked if Chevy sets a new record.