The 2023 Pilot is plenty capable without the HPD stickers

The new Pilot has a completely new design. Instead, a brand-new chassis was developed by the company just for the new 295 horsepower V6 engine.

Honda claims that the off-road Trailsport model of the new Pilot was designed from the bottom up to be suitable for off-road driving and

was meant to be capable from the start. The newest version of Honda's all-wheel drive system is also featured in 

 the 2017 Pilot. Honda states that the 2018 Pilot's front-wheel drive Sport trim will start at $39,150. The seven-passenger version has 

two captain's chairs in the middle, while the eight-person version has a bench seat. 

The most expensive Touring, Trailsport, and Elite trims cost around $50,000. 

All-wheel drive is a $2,100 option on all versions.