The 2024 Lucid Gravity Is An Electric SUV We Should Be Excited For

Even if Lucid struggled at first in the EV sector, it hardly issue. As with the Lucid Air, we believe that the Lucid Gravity will consume absurd amounts of power.

 After experiencing a series of difficulties, Lucid revealed plans to introduce the Lucid Gravity Electric SUV in 2024. Of fact, the wait is necessary.

The Lucid Air has 480 horsepower in its base trim and 1200+ horsepower in the Air Sapphire level. 

And it's quite intriguing to think that Lucid Gravity will have a framework comparable to that. 

After getting up the kids from school, the Lucid Gravity will be a big,

potent SUV with ample EV power to compete on 

the racetrack.