The Aspark Owl is one of the fastest all-electric hypercars on the planet

According to iSeeCars, the Aspark Owl is the quickest vehicle. Be at ease; neither have we heard of it.  

But with its hypercar-like appearance, everyone will undoubtedly pay notice to this vehicle.

Naturally, it comes with the speed to support it. The Owl has a peak speed of 249 mph and can accelerate from

a stop to 60 mph in under 1.69 seconds. Its four electric motors, which provide 1,984 horsepower, and its carbon fibre body,   

which is remarkably light at 4,000 pounds, allow it to go at this crazy speed. However, the cost of that engineering and speed is high.

The amount? Try $4 million; for that much, you could get

this exotic electric supercar offers both.