The cabin of the 2023 CR-V is more luxurious than in the 2023 RAV4

The inside of the 2023 CR-V maintains the exterior's sleek facelift. 

The cabin of the CR-V is more opulent than the RAV4's in 2023. Although it is not a mainstream vehicle like the CR-V

 it has an upscale appearance and feel that you would expect to find in a premium luxury crossover SUV. 

Additionally, the CR-interior V's has a more contemporary design than the RAV4's, which needs work.

Additionally, the CR-V has several comfort and convenience amenities that the RAV4 does not

 Examples include entrance and exit systems that move the driver's seat back and front stabilising seats for a more pleasant ride

The CR-V also boasts automated rear folding seats that make it simple to change the load and seating arrangement.