The Chevy Colorado is the new kid on the block

The Chevrolet Colorado had a thorough makeover for the 2023 model year. Unfortunately, local dealers have not yet 

begun receiving these brand-new vehicles. Practically everything from the previous vehicle is thrown out with the new one.

 Chevy began with a new, longer chassis that is made to tackle off-road tasks, tow and transport greater weight, and both. 

Chevy made an odd engine decision for the new Colorado in 2023: the diesel and bigger V6 are no longer available.

 Instead, you can indeed order it equipped with one of GM's brand-new turbocharged four-cylinder engines, which range in horsepower from 237 to 310.

These tiny and mid-size vehicles offer the best value as the midsize truck battles heat up. Although full-sized trucks are fantastic,

they could be able to perform all truck-related tasks.