The Corvette C4 Grand Sport Is Red, White And Blue All Over

It is not anything else but the 1996 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible that is in question. What better way to scream 

"Murica" than a vehicle wrapped in red, white, and blue? It is finished in Admiral Blue with Arctic White racing stripes to 

make it that much more race car worthy placed on a Torch Red interior. With its unique bodywork and styling, 

Corvette C4 generation influenced later generations of 'Vettes. The C4, the first Corvette to have a comprehensive 

makeover, represented a generational shift rather than merely a facelift. The C4's distinctive design ethos was unlike 

anything the world had ever seen, making it the first of what aficionados refer to as the "Corvettes of Now.

While maintaining its front-engine design