The Demon 340 Was Introduced To Compete With The Big Boys

Not for the first time has a muscle car with outstanding

 performance been promoted before the Dart Demon

340. In 1968, Dart had three trim levels: 

Custom, GT, and GTS. Dodge fitted the Dart GTS with

a 340 cuin V8 while the Custom and GT's

 engines varied from a 198 cuin slant six to a 318 

cuin V8. However, this nomenclature was only used for 

a year before Dodge discontinued the GT and

GTS. The Swinger and the Swinger 340 took their place.

The Duster and Duster 340 with an A-body fastback styling

 were introduced by Plymouth, a sister company of Dodge,

 in 1971. It must have been based on the new 

compelling enough, but plummeting