The Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock Refuses to Die

At this point, is there anything to say about the Dodge Challenger? The model that is familiar to us now debuted in 2008.

Before the bank rescue, this occurred. The major visual upgrade for 2015 included revamped front and rear fascias and

a much improved interior, but there was no modification to the sheet metal. You've seen and heard about the Million Challengers if you've spent even five

minutes on social media platforms chronicling the unprovoked harassment of folks who sell doughnuts in parking lots. Building new

 Challengers for sale has been successful for Dodge. First, there was the powerful 707-horsepower Hellcat in 2015. And in 2017, 

 Demon unveiled a pull-up machine that was produced in extremely small quantities. 

On pump gas, it produced 808 horsepower and could reach 840.