The Dodge Charger Daytona SRT EV Will Certainly Help Stellantis' Standing With The EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency has a significant influence on how a vehicle may perform,

as the majority of enthusiasts are well aware of. 

Brands must provide efficient automobiles to contrast the changing 

climate and to assist consumers become more aware

of their actual spending and purchasing patterns in order to operate in conformity with the EPA. 

 Many companies have reduced their emissions and improved fuel efficiency

 as a result of the current trend toward hybrid and electric vehicles

 but according to an EPA analysis, 

Stellantis is trailing the competition in the United States

Stellantis has the worst combined fuel efficiency among all manufacturers selling automobiles in the U.S., 

according to the EPA's Automtive Trends Report's early 2022 data

While manufacturers including Ford, Kia, and Honda enhanced