The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth Was A Raw Machine With Only Speed In Mind

The Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth was not the vehicle

 for you if you were looking for luxury. 

Although the inside was of high quality for

 the time, performance was the only 

consideration. There weren't exactly any extras

 to speak of, and everything was purposefully 

aimed towards the driver so they could be in complete

charge. There was just one "option" of interior

colour for the RS500, which came in black, white, and moonstone blue. Nothing is 

really going to detract from the Sierra RS500's main selling point, which was speed. It's one 

of the coolest fast Fords ever manufactured and is genuinely rarer than rare.In the future, the 

 for the desert might not seem all that unlikely, especially since Porsche has recently shown their Baja version of the 911.