The GMC Canyon Denali Will Bring Forth New Levels Of Luxury

The 2023 Canyon Denali intends to be a genuine luxury item for picky buyers who desire a C-Class with a bed. What then do you receive for $52,495?

Imagine a dash with diamond-stitched upholstery and a leather interior with plenty of wood trim. 

 In contrast to the black leather, the door knobs and console feature "teak" brown accents. 

Along with a 6-inch heads-up display, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an 11-inch gauge cluster and touchscreen,

 the Denali comes standard with a "safety alert seat.

" The Denali's 20-inch wheels also give it a more premium, road-focused appearance compared to 

 the AT4 and AT4X's 17-inch rollers, which are made to support thicker sidewalls.