The Hyundai Ioniq 5 Has Styling That Is Nostalgic And Futuristic

Few other automakers have been able to achieve what Hyundai has managed to do. With several of its recent models, Hyundai has subtly shifted to

a retro futuristic style. This has also been demonstrated by the Hyundai Grandeur Concept and, most recently,

 the breathtaking N Vision 74 Concept, in addition to the Ioniq 5. This aesthetic is most noticeable on the Ioniq 5 with its profusion of straight edges and pixilated design elements. 

The Ioniq 5's retro futurism has managed to strike a delicate balance between paying tribute to historical aesthetics and interpreting them in a vision of what Hyundai believes the future ought to look like.

This results in a car that draws attention on the highway. Nothing else resembles it at all. More so than the Ioniq 5, even its corporate cousin, the Kia EV6, fits in.  

This Hyundai cannot be confused with a Model Y or a Chevrolet Bolt. Its individuality offers it an advantage over the competition since its

design reflects the individuality one experiences when purchasing an EV.