The iconic Toyota Pickup from Back to the Future: Reimagined... as a Ford Maverick?

Everyone working on this build had a really significant affinity for the BTTF pickup from

back in the day and truly enjoyed the movie," a VIP Distribution spokesperson stated. After

closely examining the Toyota, VIP discovered that all the components required to give this

2022 Maverick the same blacked-out appearance as the 1985 SR5 Pickup were

straightforward bolt-on upgrades that anyone with some free time, the right tools, and a basic knowledge of automobiles

could replicate. "According to their spokesperson, "when we approach personalising autos, we normally try

to think about what the majority of a certain customer wishes. We avoided making any mechanical 

at the 39-second mark. I have no idea whether this is the car's roof. Later, as the car proceeds down the assembly line, more robot arms can be seen working on it.