The Kia Seltos Is High In Value, Low On Gimmicks

The fact that automakers are exhibiting their flagship innovations on their crossovers and 

SUVs initially, and maybe on other vehicles later, should not be taken by surprise. As an 

entry-level product, the Seltos isn't covered in luxurious leathers and premium materials 

inside, nevertheless Kia does an excellent job of integrating technologies that you 

sometimes have to pay extra for with luxury brands as standard in an effort to bring their 

vehicles upwards. The LX model already has features like keyless entry, Apple CarPlay, and a 

rearview camera, while simply upgrading to the S level adds push-button start, automatic 

temperature control, and heated mirrors.The trim levels remain much the same; you can still 

choose from LX, S, EX, or SX. However, a new top-of-the-line X-trim is available that adds 

some aesthetic flair with distinctive wheels, a front grille, as well as some black highlights. A bigger tiger nose grille, updated front

and back fascias for a more robust appearance, and new wheel designs for each trim level all contribute to the exterior's major revamp. 

Additionally, several fresh hues have been added to the palette, such as Pluton Blue, Fusion Black, and Valais Green, to emphasise young energy.