The Least And Most Expensive Car Brands And Where Subaru Ranks Now

Due to the shortage of new vehicles, shoppers looking at the most cheap SUVs are met with sticker shock. According 

to a recent Kelly Blue Book study using information from Cox Automotive, the average price of a new automobile in November 2022

reached a new record high of $48,681. November saw a record $44,584 average paid for a new mainstream (non-luxury) 

automobile, up $330 from the previous month. In comparison to other automakers, how inexpensive are Subaru automobiles like the 2023 

Outback, Crosstrek, Forester, and other new models? The price of a new Subaru vehicle is 

$35,513, which is nearly $9,000 cheaper than the national average for non-luxury vehicles, 

Nurburgring, it's a clear display of strength from an arm that has produced some hits over the years.